Many women are seeking alternatives to common Western Medical methods of inducing labour.  In Chinese medicine we use acupuncture and Chinese herbs to bring on labour. The acupuncture helps to bring on the natural birth process, whilst easing the intensity and duration of the labour. The Chinese herbs prescribed are used to calm, build energy levels and open the uterus to make for an easier delivery.

We advise our patients that if they are seeking treatments any of the following:

·     Induction of Labour

·      Easier Labour

·      Reduced Time in Delivery

·      More Energy During Labour,

that they come to the clinic (at the least) 6 weeks prior to the due to date. Generally treatments will consist of 2 treatments per week for the first 4 weeks (this will include herbs in the form of pills and capsule unless advised otherwise).  In the final 2 weeks treatments are generally 2 (in some cases 3 treatments) treatments per week for some patients, but this may vary depending upon symptoms.