Gynaecology in Chinese medicine has a long history with records indicating it was first practiced more than 2,000 years ago.

At RAOS TCM we work closely at examining not only the female menstrual cycle but also the male reproductive organs to find out if he has been producing enough good quality sperm.

In the consultation a detailed analysis of the menstrual cycle is undertaken to find out when the period takes place, has the patient been ovulating and has there been any mucus produced at around ovulation time. We then work out when the best time is to try and conceive.

It is very important that the female patient closely monitors her signs and symptoms especially at around ovulation and also close to the period as this will build a picture and aid us in working and solving why a couple has not been able to conceive.

Generally acupuncture is 1 session per week for 3 weeks leading into ovulation. Herbs are prescribed in the pills, capsules or raw herbs at specific times in the month. Herbs are prescribed to aid in ovulation and also to build blood in the uterus leading into the period. If conception has taken place then herbs are prescribed to aid in securing the uterus to aid in the prevention of miscarriage, reduce symptoms of morning sickness and to ensure the pregnancy goes full term.

In the final 6 weeks herbs and acupuncture points are prescribed to aid in the induction of labour (if the baby is overdue), ease of labour, reduction in time in the delivery room, and more strength and stamina during labour. For a discussion on “Midwifery and Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture”