Richard Raos is the head clinician at Raos TCM.  

His first experience with Chinese Medicine started in 1996, when nearing completion of his High School studies, Richard began to lose weight dramatically, as much as 15kgs over a period of 12 weeks.  

He went to his local GP and Specialist to ascertain as to why he was unwell.  After many blood tests and scans everything came up normal, but the weight loss continued.  

Richard was then advised to go to a Chinese medicine practitioner.

After an initial consultation, Richard was prescribed Chinese herbs and had weekly acupuncture for several months until his appetite returned and his weight increased to a normal range.  

During this time university courses were being chosen.  

He decided to apply for Chinese Medicine and after an interview at Victoria University was accepted into the 4 year course and graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  

While studying at university, Richard went to China where he studied at the Gynaecology and Hepatic disorders department at the Affiliated Hospital of Liaoning, Shen Yang City, China.  

The following year he furthered his studies and received his Advanced Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture.

Richard has been running a successful clinic for the past 18 years out of Berwick.



Certificate of Advanced Clinical Practice (Affiliated Hospital, Liaoning, Shen Yang City, China) 1999

Bachelor of Health Science (Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine) Victoria University, 2000

Advanced Diploma Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture) 2001

Registered Practitioner Chinese Medicine Registration Board of Victoria (Registration Number: CMR0001739243)

Member of FCMA (Member #1457)

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44 Clyde Road, Berwick 3806, Victoria

(03) 9707-0056