In Chinese medicine the human body has many acupuncture channels running along it internally.

Along these channels are specific acupuncture points, which, when stimulated through the insertion of needles restores or promotes the normal flow of Qi (pronounced Chee).

The use of acupuncture has been present for more than 2,000 years with countless studies highlighting its benefits be that in the use infertility, back pain, migraine, digestive complaints and many other conditions mentioned on this website.

Acupuncture session in a Japanese medical study
Young Woman Getting Cupping Treatment



Cupping and Gua Sha is applied to specific acupuncture points to help stimulate these points, more commonly it can be used for the treatment of pain.

The cup is put on an area where there is pain, inflammation and toxins in the body which then helps the body to reduce pain or inflammation.

In many instances both cupping and gua sha will bring up bruising which is an indication of the toxins and inflammation which may be hindering the smooth flow of Qi.

By drawing out the inflammation and toxins this helps to promote the smooth flow of Qi and reduce pain and inflammation.

A set of Chinese herbal medicine and tea set

Chinese Herbal Medicine


Chinese herbal medicine like acupuncture has been practiced for more than 2,000 years.

Many patients are treated with Chinese herbs in the form of raw herbs, pills, capsules or granules.

The Chinese herbs are primarily derived from plants and minerals.

In general Chinese herbal medicine can be used for almost all conditions which are mentioned on this website along with oils and liniments which are herbal based.

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